We are a wide-ranging wealth strategies practice that provides particular expertise to those approaching or in retirement

"I specialize in showing clients in great detail how all the different aspects of their retirement will unfold;  so necessary adjustments can be made and they can truly spend their assets without worry."   

                         Chris Hassett, owner of Dedicated Income Solutions



Until now, you may have spent all your efforts accumulating wealth for retirement. You've sacrificed income, vacations and more- in an effort to retire with more confidence. Yet after decades of diligently saving for retirement- you may still feel uneasy about retiring, and who could blame you?  It's hard for most of us to picture our lives without earned income.  Maybe you're run some calculations- withdrawal rates, taxes, inflation, healthcare, life expectancy?  Suddenly, this doesn't seem so easy.

So far, saving for retirement may not have been too complicated- pick some investments and save as much as you can. "So what if the market crashes when I'm 52- I've got time to wait for a recovery!"  Unfortunately, things get more complicated when moving from the "accumulation" phase of life into the "distribution" phase.  It may be easy to dismiss market cycles, corrections and catastrophic events when you don't need your assets for income.  Now you're wanting to retire or are already retired and those assets are your income.

Given all the variables, uncertanties and emotions involved in retiring- it's no wonder people are hesitant (if not outright scared) to retire.  Dedicated Income Solutions is here to help you address these variables and uncertanties in order to help give you the confidence in making educated decisions.


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